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Fossils and Friends
Why all this?

When I was young, I remember watching a movie called The Day After. Up to this point of my life I had heard that a nuclear exchange between the USA and the USSR would surely mean the death of us all with a flash of light and one nuclear winter. The Day After showed a less completely apocalyptic view, with some hospitals still functioning and the government at least trying to establish new farming techniques post extreme radiation and EMP pulses. The movie covers the mid west so you can assume the coasts of the United States were gone and the future bleak and it scared the hell out of me. But I always wondered what life would be like in a limited nuclear exchange. I had played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid and the game had it's own hellish lands, but I never came across anyone playing something world ending like Dark Sun, though I did play Gamma World once.
Now that I am a fossil, it was weird seeing 5E D&D gain mainstream attention and it peaked my interest. Eventually I ended up in an OOTA group of 20/30 somethings from 2nd level all the way to 16th for almost 5 years. Throughout this campaign we dealt with faerzress and wild magic brought me back to wanting to create a campaign world that is not damaged, but still functioning and still under threat of destruction from the same enemy. As much as I wasn't a fan of Independence Day: Resurgence, I think of Grage similar to that movie with a slightly less lethal but much more powerful enemy and a still divided world that is now post-united against a common enemy.

The Overused Raven Queen:
I have no issue with the Raven Queen, but the 5th level retcon of her has DM's shoving her down the throat of way too many Hexblades.

the DM
I lost my glasses again... Is this Vodka?
Current Campaigns:

Quest For A Sword!

bracioleBraciole The Tormentor: (6th Level Champion Fighter). A mercenary by trade since his youth, Braciole grew up cutting through everything of every size he encountered. Recently, Braciole was recruited by Councilor Blume of Oldeivael to ambush The Democrats of the Dimensions as they performed a mission for the Oldeivael city council. His group was double crossed by two of his own party and he ended up being captured by Kruthiks and taken to their hive for later consumption. By chance the DOTD ended up attacking the hive, which allowed Braciole and the Sorcerer Victor Van Go to escape imprisonment. The duo then joined up with the DOTD who had just lost Moisty the Monk hours earlier. The group renamed themselves the Deplorables and completed the mission the Oldeivael council had quested them with.

oliveOlive of the Shade Pride: (6th Level Samurai Fighter). Olive hails from the Fatherlands and had been an part of the ranged weapon core until forced out of her leadership position by lioness of royal blood. After passing the trials of wild death, Olive gained the right to seek her own fortune and return to the Fatherlands with honor... for the standard tithe of course.

surohSuroh: (6th Level Beast Master Ranger). Off the cliffs of the Swalloing Sands live many tribes of Aarakocra, and they jealously guard the coastal territories they live control, but a few Aarakocra are inflicted with the need to fly over many shores with few returning to the cliffs caverns they were hatched in. Suroh is one of those few, and after having far too many arrows and bolts being fired at him while in flight, he decided to take to adventuring to gain some comrades to watch his back and wings. He joined the DOTD to folow his longest trravelling companion Scarlet Roze, who unfortunately was caught by a deceased Cult of the Horsefly assassin who had becone a boneless and possessed her. Now a full member of the Deplorables, he pursues his wanderlust and seeking retribution on those of have harmed his comrades as well as himself.

victor van goVictor Van Go: (6th Level Wild Magic Sorcerer). An unstable daywalker and natural caster of wild magic, Victor takes payments in gold or blood depending on his desperation. He was recruited along with Braciole and others to ambush the DOTD when they were in battle with the kruthik hive. After being captured by the hive and rescued by the DOTD, he joined with the remaining members of the DOTD to form the deporables and complete the mission of the former DOTD.

willhelminaWilhelmina: (6th Level Giant Path Barbarian). An Eladrin more loyal to Grage than the Feywild itself, Willelmina openly bares her guild about her people abandoning the planet, and then creeping back to Alicrath after so many wood and wild elves died in defense of kingdom, country and world. Being still young for her kind, she eagerly left Alicrath to join the budding Elven Worksman Guild in the human city of Oldeivael in Mayatic. She performed well as a guard and scout, using what she learned as an adolescent from the stone and cloud giants of the Feywild. Now working in conjunction with the wizard division under the supervision of the half-elf conjurer Craubflagon, who in return serves the Infamous Lorde Helfig. She currently travels under the wizard division's direction, not because they have any fear of the Deplorables, but because of those who have been pursuing the party.

XenmasXenmas: (6th Level Zealot Path Barbarian). Olive hails from the Fatherlands and had been an part of the ranged weapon core until forced out of her leadership position by lioness of royal blood. After passing the trials of wild death, Olive gained the right to seek her own fortune and return to the Fatherlands with honor... for the standard tithe of course.
The "Moved On":

darcelDarcel The Minstrel: (5th Moon Circle Druid / 1st Level Rogue). Darcel had started his career as a musician, travelling from town to town to make a living, with a little theft when times were tough. Being driven into the local woods after a "tough time" became worse, Darcel came upon an old hermit druid who had abandoned civilized life years ago. Darcel decided to give up his lute and drum and become one with nature under the tutelage of the hermit, but over time the two became sick of one another. Armed with the power of nature, Darcel took to the deeper wood to the west of Oldeivael and built himself a nice comfortable shelter, living in seclusion except for the occasional pilgrim or friendly animal. This all changed when the Deplorables released the vampire king Suradel the Scholar. The fiend stole Darcel's pair of spare pants, and Darcel ended up coming to the aid of the Deplorables as they fought Suradel. He joined the adventuring band after failing to recover his pants.

Lemont WrenLemont: (4th Level Warmage) A binge drinking human wizard and adventurer who died of liver failure. During a ride the party hitch in a covered cart, a livng mage brain named Wren removed Lemont's dead brain and injected her organ into his body. She now uses his dead body as conveyance to Oldivael where the guild of Elven Carpenters can hopefully furnish her a new body.

moistyScarlet Roze: (4th Level Battle Master Fighter). The youngest of three sisters birthed by an Erinyes who left them with their human father. Scarlet has left her town of birth seeking her fortune through adventuring.

The Fallen:

moistyMoisty Flormunda: (4th Level Astral Self Monk). After the ship he was on was shot down by the Gith in Gragespace, Moisty hopped aboard an escape comet and crash landed on top of a large band of goblin and human bandits... killing most of them. The remainder chased Moisty right into his current group adventuring comrades.

drizzit Drizzit: Nothing sucks more than to lose a friend when they still had many good years ahead of them. Drizzit was a big fan of the works of author R. A. Salvatore though he played a drow rogue instead of a range. He was also an aspiring DM and I enjoyed playing in one of this campaigns. He will be missed.

Perrin /Purge
: The original pro DM and creator of many characters over the years. He preferred playing a rogue but could roleplay any toon with ease. He will be missed.

Non Player Characters of note:
Kargan De'Moray:
A corrupt human minor nobleman who served as the Democrats of the Dimensions first promoter. He vanished shortly after the group's first successful dungeon delve. The adventuring group later discovered Kargan had been murdered by the Nebulous Thieves Guild while travelling from Sharpspire - Belk Stillbite was suspected by Kirkland Ross of DOTD of arranging Kargan's murder, but could not be prove it and Belk replaced Kargan as official promoter despite Kirkland's protests.

Citizen Six:
The name/title of the leader of the Thunder Keys.

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